I am a woman but as a CEO, my job is to communicate a lot with partners. Sometimes you also lose confidence when using chalk that sweat causes stains on your face. Since being introduced to Australis by my younger brother, I have been my savior, my face is no longer sweaty, no more chalky, and most importantly, it contains vitamins, I must say that Australis always give me 1 Great day”

Nguyễn Thị Thu Huyền / CEO

Everyone likes to be beautiful, but each person has a look, a concept. For me, beautiful but must be healthy, reaching the threshold of 30 before realizing that aging is inevitable. Maybe it’s because I’m not as persistent as everyone says. I don’t believe in the ads very much, but in my own experience Australis found that my lumpy skin was also a few parts smoother, using Australis’s organic care lines was quite.

Phạm T. Hồng Chiến / SC Media Manager

I think Australis is an excellent brand in women’s beauty. As a freelance model and unknowingly getting to know Australis through a friend I love and stick with until now. Sometimes I have to take pictures outdoors for 8 hours and Australis’s makeup still doesn’t float, too great.

LK / Model

I am a journalist, so choosing a cosmetic brand to accompany at work is essential. If there is a 10 point scale, I think australis deserves 9d because the quality of the product is safe and the price is too reasonable. Any product of australis I use and satisfied.

Thụy Trâm / HoaTech
my pham quoc dan

I am just a normal woman and love to beauty, I have been with australis for more than 6 months and am extremely happy. I think australis deserves the “national cosmetic” because of the quality and the price, everything is great.

Thanh Nhã / Star Newspaper

As a chief accountant, my job is always busy, so I don’t have much time to take care of beauty. However, after knowing and using australis cosmetics, it is great, the product is easy to use, I feel completely reassured.

Ngọc Cúc / Chief Accountant BV HM