All skin types have a cure

Every skin care approach should start with the very basics: determining the correct skin type. From identifying the right skin, you will choose the right products, healthy and beautiful skin every day. Whether you have sensitive, oily or dry skin, and have freckles, you will find the right skincare routine below: Normal skin Characteristics: Skin is often the term widely used to refer to a balanced skin. The scientific term for healthy skin is eudermic. The T-zones (forehead, chin, and nose) can be a bit oily, but in general the oil and moisture balance and skin is not too greasy or too dry. Skin usually has: Small pores; good blood circulation, smooth skin texture, soft and smooth skin, even, pinkish skin, free from blemishes and often insensitive. a lot easier. Common skin care steps: – Wash your face: Cleansers that are too strong will take away the already very little moisture on your skin. You do not need to find a cleanser that feels “clean and tight”, just choose a creamy texture that is soft, moist, and after washing it, you can not see the skin stretch. Comprehensive moisturizing: this is the most basic facial skin care for healthy skin. In addition to the face skin is the area to be moisturized regularly, do not forget to take care of your eyes with eye creams. With dry skin, the eyes are less damp and wrinkled than ever before! – Gentle exfoliation: Large nuts can dry and scratch your skin, switch to peeling gel exfoliation. This is a creamy, soft exfoliant, you just need to apply a thin layer, wait a few minutes and then wash it off instead of rubbing hard, damaging the skin’s surface. Dry skin Characteristics: Dry skin is used to describe skin types that produce less oil than normal skin. It results from a lack of oil, resulting in a lack of lipids that the skin needs to retain moisture and build a shield against external influences. This causes the skin barrier function to weaken. Dry skin (Xerosis) exists in varying degrees that are not always distinguishable. Women typically have drier skin than men, and skin usually drier with age. Problems related to dry skin are the most common complaint about 40% of all cases of dermatologist. Steps to take care of dry skin If you are a dry skinned girl, your facial treatments should focus on moisturizing, moisturizing and moisturizing products. While dry skin is less prone to breakouts, it is more likely to age. Without adequate moisturizing, dry skin makeup will cause moldy skin and no powder. Note in skin care steps, dry skin should not use products with strong cleansing properties, and only use cleansers with a neutral pH of 5.5. Be careful with the use of a clay mask, as this product will easily dry out your skin. You can use an air humidifier to provide moisture to the room. Another tip for dry facials is: Using a cream-based lotion, apply a thick layer on the face 1 to 2 hours before bed to provide nourishment to the skin. If you feel heavy, you can use a towel to remove nutrients before bed. Makeup remover is the most basic skin care step to help remove makeup, excess oil and dirt on the skin. This means eliminating the main cause of facial skin damage and enlarged and congested pores. Besides, dry skin is caused by the loss of natural oils on the skin. Using makeup remover (suitable for dry skin) can help replenish a certain amount of oil to the skin. Dry skin is prone to irritation, especially when the skin is worn away and exposed to harsh chemicals. So, using a gentle cleansing method (by nature such as a steam bath, a natural mask … along with a cleanser for dry and sensitive skin) is the best yet effective. At the end of the day, whether you are not wearing makeup or are tired after a long day, you should still not skip the makeup removal step and clean your face. Toner is also a surface cleanser after makeup remover and facial cleansing, helping to unclog pores. Besides, the toner also works to soothe, enhance moisture and moisturize the skin. For dry skin, dermatologists recommend salicylic acid and alcohol free toners and the ideal pH of balanced water is 4 – 4.5 pH. If after using the product, redness and irritation occurs, discontinue and switch to toner for sensitive skin after a while. Dry skin needs a deeply hydrating serum, and pores need a serum to help shrink pores. There are many good serums available today with natural ingredients that are benign and soothe dry skin. The main use of this serum is to help prevent skin aging, absorb sebum, unclog pores, and shrink pores to their original size. For mildly dry skin, use a gel moisturizer, with fatty acid ingredients such as linoleic acid, glycerin, and triglycerides. The gel form provides moderate moisturization, is light in texture, and has less sticky texture. Skin problems when exposed and affected by the sun will develop problems such as: more dead cells, pores. Therefore, you should be aware of the following following skin care: Choose a cleanser as light and light as possible, and textures like gel or water are best suited for oily skin. Use a physical sunscreen to reduce irritation and oil spills. Combination skin Characteristics: Women with combination skin usually have a T-zone (forehead, nose, and chin) which is oily, while the cheeks can be dry or normal skin. Since it is a combination of 2 different skin types on one face, facial care for combination skin should also be separated into separate areas. Combination skin is characterized as follows: Oily T-zone (coated area, chin and nose); Pores are large in this area and often clogged; Normal or dry skin on both cheeks. The more oily parts of combination skin are caused by the excessive oil production. The drier parts of combination skin are caused by oil deficiencies and corresponding lipid deficiencies. Steps for combination skin care: Women with combination skin can use products containing Glycolic Acid. Glycolic Acid Compound will help to remove excess sebum, remove keratinocytes and promote new cell production. Combination skin is the most difficult skin to take care of because it’s both T-zone oil, both dry and easily aging in the U-shaped area. Therefore, the way to treat your face in this case is to pay attention to both cleaning steps , reduce oil and moisturizer when caring for combination skin: – Clean, absorb oil, prevent acne: Wash your face with gel cleanser or water to dry your skin.

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