Makeup tips ‘extremely long-lasting’ for the summer to be more attractive!

The hot weather of summer in Vietnam always makes us uncomfortable. In particular, how to look beautiful, keep the makeup on your face forever is a difficult problem, but if you know how to take care of your skin and use a suitable product like australis, then it’s magic will come to your everyday look. Here are 5 ways to help the girls “survive” through this hot summer.

  1. Never forget skin care

Skin care is so important, products that provide too much moisture are often not suitable on a summer day. With today’s weather, you should choose an oil-free or glycerin cream to ensure your skin is not shiny. Before applying makeup, be sure to apply lotion and wait for it to penetrate well into your face.

Bí kíp trang điểm'cực lâu trôi' cho mùa hè thêm quyến rũ!

Girls should use a gentle, oil-free lotion for summer days.

  1. Invest in a makeup liner

There are many makeup primers with great uses available on the market today. But if you want to “beat” the summer heat, do not worry about sweating, you need a soft, smooth product, helping to keep makeup for a long time, while fading pores.

Bí kíp trang điểm'cực lâu trôi' cho mùa hè thêm quyến rũ!

  1. Limit your use of foundation

In the summer, it’s best to “hit as little as possible”. The habit of using foundations (foundation) should be limited to avoid thick makeup, clogging pores or having trouble sweating a lot. However, if you want to not look pale or the skin still has some flaws then you can use something more comfortable and gentle. For example, StayPut 16hr Foundation – 16h Long-lasting Moisturizing Foundation.

Bí kíp trang điểm'cực lâu trôi' cho mùa hè thêm quyến rũ!

The StayPut 16hr Foundation with its long-lasting feature seems to be the option for you. Don’t neglect skin care Skin care is always very important, but looking for a heavy moisturizer may not be very suitable for the moisture that summer gives. As a makeup preparation, choose an oil-free moisturizer or glycerin to make sure your skin is greasy-free. Before resuming makeup, wait for the moisturizer to be completely absorbed first.

  1. Finish makeup with a lock spray

Make-up or lock-in sprays can be said to be especially essential on your summer day. It will help make makeup last longer, effectively reduce the shine of oil.

Bí kíp trang điểm'cực lâu trôi' cho mùa hè thêm quyến rũ!

The sisters association definitely cannot forget to spray the lock to keep the makeup on.

  1. Always bring enough ‘tools’ with you

Remember that in hot weather like today, you do not need “miles and miles”, overlapping layers of foundation cream, powder on each other. Because that just makes your face become moldy, look less beautiful. Instead, always carry tissue paper or oil blotting paper with you so that “have something ready to use” when needed. Sweat and oil balls are therefore removed immediately. Remember never to forget to bring oil blotting paper!


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